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VanGoddy Pindar Messenger Bag for Microsoft Surface Book 13.5 inch Laptops, Lime Green

VanGoddy Pindar Messenger Bag for Microsoft Surface Book 13.5 inch Laptops, Lime Green
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VanGoddy Pindar Messenger Bag The Pindar Messenger Bag combines both style and durability to create the ultimate laptop carrying solution. Its durable nylon constructed exterior and soft padded interior provide your laptop the ultimate fit and protection. The bags multi compartment design enables you to securely carry and oragnize all of your essential devices and accessories. The small side pocket located on the bottom right hand corner allows you to easily store your phone or MP3 player while still allowing you to text, change songs, view and reply to emails without having to remove your device from the bag. The cut outs on the side of the bag allow you to charge your laptop while inside the bag. Designed to fit and protect all Microsoft Surface Book 13.5 inch Laptops


  • Pindar messenger bag lets you store, carry and protect your laptop, tablet and accessories
  • Durable and lightweight nylon tapestry complimented with soft, silk-like polyester interior
  • Designed with multiple storage compartments to accommodate a wide range of accessories
  • Hidden, tuck away carrying handles and includes a removable / adjustable shoulder strap
  • Features headphone cable port | Designated pocketed for Cell Phone & MP3 | Side Cut outs for Power Cord Cable


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