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V2 EightOnes VR Kit – Easy Assembly Virtual Reality Kit Inspired By Google Cardboard V2 and Oculus Rift – Compatible with iPhone and Android Smartphones up to 6 inches Screen Size (Black)

Universal Vacuum Attachment - Wingogh Vacuum Cleaner Dust Dirt Remover Interface Tool, Cleaning Tool Small Suction Brush Tubes As Strong Suction for Corner Pet Drawers Car Vents


Wingogh 2018 Upgraded Universal Vacuum Attachment: the new cleaning tool designed to get dust out of every nook and cranny!Dust brush cleaner is a vacuum attachment that will collect dust from almost anywhere in your home or car, including places an ordinary vacuum nozzle won't reach. Due to the included universal adapter, this attachment can be used with most of vacuums, regardless of size or shape. With it, you'll be able to clean virtually every square inch of your home without worrying about moving tiny objects first, as the attachment will enable you to clean around them without sucking them up. Warnings : Please confirm your vacuum hose diameter before purchasing. Main features : ✔ Comes with a universal adapter so it fits any vacuum cleaner. ✔ Dozens of flexible, tiny suction tubes that can go nearly anywhere dust hides. ✔ Great for cleaning around fragile objects. ✔ Dust around tiny objects without removing them first. ✔ Get dust out of every nook and cranny. ✔ Get rid of all the dust you couldn't reach before Great for vents, keyboards, drawers. How to Use : 1.Plug into universal adapter that has come with it. 2.Attach to vacuum attachment on your vacuum cleaner. 3.Begin to clean anything with dust and enjoy it. Q&A : Q: Is there an adapter so it will fit my vac? A: Yes, the product has an Universal Vac Attachment that fits all the vacuum models. Q: How it works? A: The secret is Dozens of Flexible, Tiny suction tubes that can go nearly anywhere dust hides . Each suction tube acts sweeps & vacuums away dust from delicate objects to hard-to-reach corners, edges and grooves. Q: Where is it suitable for? A: It gets into even the tiniest cracks & crevices, Great for vents, keyboards, drawers, window blinds, furniture, cars and more.


  • ✔ Universal Vacuum Attachment - Easily Attaches to Any Vacuum, such as Dyson vacuum hose, shark Vacuum and so on. This vacuum cleaner attachment works with most standard sized vacuum hoses. the blue part is detachable to adapt with smaller or bigger hose. Easily attaches to any vacuum ,such as dyson vacuum hose ,shark vac and so on.


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