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Uniify UV002 Verge VR: Virtual Reality 3D Glasses Headset for iPhone 6/Plus, Galaxy S7, Note 6 Compatible with Google Cardboard with 120° FOV

Uniify UV002 Verge Virtual Reality 3D Glasses Headset with 120 Degree FOV


Uniify verge virtual reality headset provide the widest FOV of 120 degree currently available on market, it has a built in capacitive touch design for google cardboard app along with HIFI headphones with support device from 4.7 inch to 6.2 inch smartphones. Uniify iOS and android app will launch in summer of 2016 . Product weight: 410g , product dimension: 215mm*195mm*120mm , optics, optics diameter: 42mm, with viewing angle up to 120º, myopia: 0-800º, hyperopia: 0-400º , pupil distance adjustment: 58-68mm , audio , headphone sensitivity: 98db, frequency range: 20-20,000hz, max power: 50MW, executive standard: gb/T 14471-2013, 3.5mm headphone jack, port and button , 3.5mm headphone jack , volume adjustment , capacitive touch button, support device , screen size: 4.7-6.2 inch , suggest phone size: 5.5-6.2 inch with resolution 1080P and above , iPhone 6+, iPhone 6 plus+, galaxy S6+, note 5+, LG G4+, nexus 6+, Lumia 950+.


  • Built in capacitance touch button design for Google Cardboard app with built-in headphone
  • Viewing angle of up to 120 degrees
  • Support 4.7-6.2 inch smart phones: iPhone 6/6 Plus, Galaxy S6/S5 Edge above and most smartphone on the market
  • Myopia:0-800 degrees and Hyperopia: 0-400 degrees, Pupil Adjustment: 58-86 mm
  • Include customize Google Cardboard QR Code for viewing optimizations


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