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Tepoinn® 3D VR Glasses, 3D VR Headset Virtual Reality Box with Adjustable Lens and Strap for iPhone 5 5s 6 plus Samsung S3 Edge Note 4 and 3.5-5.5 inch Smartphone for 3D Movies and Games

Tepoinn 3D VR Glasses Headset with Adjustable Lens and Strap for 3.5-5.5-Inch Smart Phones
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Description: 3D Glasses made of ABS and optical resin lens without stimulation plastic sheet,environmentally friendly, fully enclosed designed Distance adjustable between the phone and the lens for people with distinctive visions Secret images, others can not see anything except the wearer Convenient for watching at anytime anywhere, whether sitting, lying or standing No visual fatigue and dizzy caused, even of using for long time with the resin lens 3D effect, awesome feeling Left-right 3D film applicable only Suitable for 3.5 - 6.0 inch screen mobile phone Note: The phone in picture is not included Parameter: * Color: Black * Material: Plastic (ABS) * Size: 20*10*14 cm/ 7.8*3.9*5.5 in * Focal adjustment range: 55-65mm/ 2.1-2.5 in * Object distance adjustment range: 10mm/ 0.39 in * Field of angle:,90-100 Package includes: 1 x VR glasses


  • Smart phone turned into virtual reality viewer. Enjoy your own portable IMAX cinema more convenient than 3D viewing glasses and better than Google cardboard. Revel into the world of VR. Watch 3D movies and play games while siting, standing, lying on the porch, at home, office, travel, beach, airplane. 360¡ø virtual experience
  • Conveniently find virtual reality movies on the internet and apps on Apple store or Google Play. Indulge in Hollywood movies and TV shows, suspense, sci-fi, action, thriller.
  • The surface of this 3D VR glasses is matte and it also uses a high-definition optical resin lenses. Three adjustable straps can distract part of pressure from the bridge of nose, super face foam protector, comfortable design.
  • MAGNET CASEBOARD,Secret images: You can open the case board easier and facilitate heat dissipation;others can not see anything except the wearer.
  • FIT FOR MOST DEVICE: Compatible with Android and iPhone devices in 3.5-5.7 inch screen.(Note:4.0-5.5 inch smartphone would be get the best visual effect.)


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