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Steam Link

Steam Link
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The Steam Link allows existing Steam gamers to expand the range of their current gaming set up via their home network. Just connect your Steam PC or Steam Machine to your home network, plug into a TV, and stream your games to the Link at 1080p.


  • Wired network is strongly recommended
  • Compatible controllers with Steam Link: Steam Controller, Xbox One USB wired, Xbox 360 USB wired, Xbox 360 wireless, PS4, PS3 wired and Wii-U Pro. Many third-party Xbox controllers are also supported.
  • Steam Link is designed to take advantage of the horsepower you already have in your home, streaming from your current gaming computer by mirroring its experience to your TV.
  • Video and audio data is sent from your computer to the Steam Link, while your controller input is sent back in real time. Virtually every game that your computer runs can be played on your TV.


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