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Pasonomi® VR – Virtual Reality Headset 3D VR Glasses for 4~6 inch Smartphones iPhone 6 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7 S6 edge, Note 5 4 3

Pasonomi VR Glasses - 3D Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone 7/7 Plus/6s/6 plus/6/5, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, Google, Moto & All Android Smartphone


Note: You will randomly receive two different logo of the VR headset from our company, "Pasonomi" and "VOX", as we are adjust the brand recently,the fuction and quality are the same, please rest assured to use it. You can return or replace at anytime for this product. Lifetime warranty is promised! This new 3D VR GLASSES is specially designed for smart phones and can add great effect to the movie-going experience. It can be regarded as your private 3D Cinema and bring you great game experience. And, It is easy to use even by the youngest children or the old, you just need to put your cell phone into the relative slot of the item. And then, you can greatly enjoy the 3D movies or 3D games. It is perfectly suitable for students, white-collar worker or travelers, etc. Note: The working principle of 3D glasses is via split screen to reach 3D effect. Features: You will not feel visual fatigue and dizzy even you use long time with the resin lens The 3D Glasses is made of ABS and spherical resin lens materials without stimulation plastic sheet that is environmentally friendly, fully enclosed designed The distance between the phone and the lens design can be adjusted so that it suits for people with different visions Secret images, other people can not see anything except to the wearer himself Convenient to use for watching at anytime anywhere whether sitting, lying or standing Universal Compatible smartphone: 4.0-6.0 inch screen Android Devices: Samsung S3 S4 S5 S6 S6edge S6edge+ Note2 Note3, Note4 Note5 Blackberry, Sony, HTC, etc. iOS Devices: iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 6 4.7, iPhone 6 Plus 6S Package Includes: 1 x 3D Virtual Reality Headset; 1 x User Manual; 1 x Cleaning Cloth; Sold by Pasonomi® US Store Pasonomi® is a registered trademark protected by US Trademark Law.


  • Use high quality ABS and 42mm diameter spherical resin lens material without stimulation plastic sheet, environmental, high quality, lowering down the distortion to the minimum when magnifying the images and providing wider view; You will not feel visual fatigue and dizzy even you use it for a long time because of the resin lens
  • The T-shaped straps make it adjustable for different people. Its design can also help decrease the pressure on around your eyes so you will feel much more comfortable when enjoy the movie or game; Simulating Viewing Distance: Offer you a 1000 inches big screen at the distance of 3m; Offers you super 3D picture effect and wonderful feeling
  • Easy to put your smart phone into the 3D GLASSES - Easily pull the smart phone storage box out, the put your smart phone in it. Perfectly suitable your face when you wear the 3D VR GLASSES; It is perfect for people with myopia under 600 degreed. You can get free from your glasses while enjoy the 3D movies or games with the virtual reality glasses, bringing you better experience
  • Adjustable pupil distance and sight distance (adjustable on pupil distance and object distance), satisfying different groups of people. - Optical Axis Sliding Control function: You can slightly adjust the position of the spherical resin lens through moving the button on the top of the 3D VR GLASSES so as to get a better experience of watching movies. You can get a viewing angle of between 70 to 80 degrees/ FOV
  • Suitable for almost all kinds of smart phones (Android / IOS, etc) that screen between 4.7~6.0 inches; Both sides holes of the 3D VR GLASSES is specially designed for the headset / data / charge cable, letting you charge your smart phone (You had better not charge your phone during enjoying movies)


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