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Oculus Rift Developers Kit Dk2

Oculus Rift Developers Kit Dk2
  Eligible for free shipping!


Very awesome experience - Alien insurrection, war thunder, Assetto Corsa are the main games I played with this. Must try if you have not yet... truly the future of gaming!


  • Oculus Rift Development Kit Dk2 (second development kit version)
  • Built-In Latency Tester
  • Positional Tracking Precise, low-latency positional tracking opens the door to entirely new interactive and gameplay opportunities. Great positional tracking is a key requirement for virtual reality; with it, the Rift can accurately map all of your real world head movements.
  • Low Persistence OLED Display DK2 uses a low persistence OLED display to eliminate motion blur and judder, two of the biggest contributors to simulator sickness. Low persistence makes the scene appear visually stable, increasing the potential for presence.


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