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Oculus Rift + ASUS Oculus Ready G11CD-WS51 Desktop PC Bundle

Oculus Rift + ASUS Oculus Ready G11CD-WS51 Desktop PC Bundle
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Step into Rift. Whether you�re stepping into your favorite game, watching an immersive VR movie, jumping to a destination on the other side of the world, or just spending time with friends in VR, you�ll feel like you�re really there.


  • Includes: Oculus Rift headset with built-in headphones and mic, sensor, remote, Xbox One Wireless Controller, and an ASUS Oculus Ready G11CD-WS51 Desktop PC
  • PC specifications: Intel core i5 6400 2.7 GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB 7200 rpm Hard Drive, NVIDIA GeForce GTX970 graphics card
  • Oculus Rift's advanced display technology combined with its precise, low-latency constellation tracking system enables the sensation of presence
  • Discover and download games across genres ranging from action RPGs, sci-fi shooters, mind-bending puzzle games, and more - and play them from an entirely new perspective. Lucky's Tale is included with every Rift purchase
  • Latest 6th generation Intel Core i5-6400 Quad Core 2.7 GHz processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.3 GHz)
  • Fast performance with 8GB DDR4 (2133Mhz) memory and 1TB 7200RPM
  • Immerse yourself in astounding visuals with NVIDIA GTX 970 4GB DDR5
  • 802.11 AC with Bluetooth 4.0 for faster web browsing, Windows 10 (64bit) OS
  • Internet connection are required for Oculus Rift


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