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NOON VR – Virtual Reality Headset (NVRG-01)

NOON VR - Virtual Reality Headset (NVRG-01)


Transcend the world around you and enter a truly immersive and interactive virtual reality experience. The NOON VR headset can transform any latest smartphone into a personal and powerful virtual reality device. Enjoy your 360-degree VR movies, stereoscopic 3D videos, and 2D videos with the dedicated NOON app tailored exclusively for your headset.


  • Supports any smartphones larger than 4.7 inches
  • With an intuitive eyesight control and tap-responsive user interface, users can access all NOON VR features easily
  • Watch VR movies in comfort with the ergonomically-designed headset tailored for prolonged viewing
  • Slide in and go -- Immediate and easy usage without additional accessories or components
  • With the NOON VR app, any normal 2D videos, stereoscopic 3D, or 360-degree VR videos can be experienced in the most immersive form


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