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NOON VR – Virtual Reality Headset (NVRG-01)

NOON VR - Virtual Reality Headset (NVRG-01)
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Transcend the world around you and enter a truly immersive and interactive virtual reality experience. The NOON VR headset can transform any latest smartphone into a personal and powerful virtual reality device. Enjoy your 360-degree VR movies, stereoscopic 3D videos, and 2D videos with the dedicated NOON app tailored exclusively for your headset.


  • Supports any smartphones larger than 4.7 inches
  • With an intuitive eyesight control and tap-responsive user interface, users can access all NOON VR features easily
  • Watch VR movies in comfort with the ergonomically-designed headset tailored for prolonged viewing
  • Slide in and go -- Immediate and easy usage without additional accessories or components
  • With the NOON VR app, any normal 2D videos, stereoscopic 3D, or 360-degree VR videos can be experienced in the most immersive form


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4.0 out of 5 stars iPhone 6s and 6S PLUS impressions. Thumbs up!, December 23, 2015
Mike B (Rochester, NY United States)
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So I've been looking for a cardboard replacement for my iPhone 6s. I have a DK2 and was looking for something that would give a pretty good experience for the iPhone, (knowing that it couldn't live up to DK2 experience). With the iPhone and cardboard, the right and left edge of the screen bevel is too noticeable and I was hoping that a higher quality cardboard substitute would fix this. First I purchased a Homido, but it suffered from the exact same problem as well as being really small on the face, and with not great focus abilities. I read a few bad reviews about the noon, so my expectations weren't too high.

Got it yesterday and I have to say for an iPhone 6, it really is quite good. It has these little plastic knobs below the phone that you adjust so the phone sits at the right height, and the white strap is solid and durable looking and is really pretty easy to pull on and off. With the iPhone 6, the black cover DOES fit (a problem with bigger phones) and the focus... Read more

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5.0 out of 5 stars I ordered the noon VR headset because of good reviews on YouTube I got it home I watched ..., April 4, 2016
bill b
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I ordered the noon VR headset because of good reviews on YouTube I got it home I watched it it's great so I wanted to see if this Samsung Gear with any better so I went to Best Buy look at the Samsung Gear got a demonstration of it there's no difference in picture quality its the same quality you get from the noon as the Samsung Gear virtual reality headset Plus you get more possibilities with the noon VR if you get the Samsung Gear you only work with Samsung Gear Oculus apps where the noon I can use apps from everywhere all kinds of apps 2 run it... YouTube reviewers don't tell you that you need a higher resolution phone to get the best possible picture I used my 720 phone and it looked all pixelated not good at all what are the benefits of this using this product if they have their own app noon app you can download any movie to your phone and watch it split screen 3Dmovies so I'm glad I went with the noon VR headset than a Samsung gear. it's a good product delivered on time... Read more

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3.0 out of 5 stars The thrill is gone!, July 20, 2016
Sheron L. (WEST CHESTER, OH, United States)
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This review is from: NOON VR - Virtual Reality Headset (NVRG-01) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
I am reviewing the Noon headset. I spent 2 weeks trying to pick out the best VR headset that would fit my needs. I wanted it to be light weight; and it is very light weight. I wanted it to be compatible with Iphone plus; and it is very compatible. I wanted to be able to view vr movies clearly with or without my glasses. This is a challenge, the adjustment wheel was not working in conjuntion with the lenses. I am unable to wear my glasses comfortably and the lens will not adjust to my eyesite the way the Gear VR headset does. I was not very happy with the Noon app. It felt like I was looking at someones phone videos. Not impressed. For $90 dollars, I did expect better. Sorry!

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