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Motoraux ® Movie Visor 3D Vr Virtual Reality Glasses Innovative Design Fit for iOS, Android & PC phones Series within 4.0-5.9inches

Motoraux 3D Virtual Reality Glasses Innovative Designed VR Headset Fit for iOS Android & PC Phones Series Within 4.0-5.9 Inches


Innovative Design Comfortable Wearing - Here comes the interesting 3D MOVIES or GAMING Experience! SEPCIFICATIONS: * Innovative Design 3rd Generation Virtual Reality Glasses Widely Welcomed Gifts Choice! * Material: ABS Material Piano Paint Technology & Japan imported aspherical lens * Light Weight of 280g for Relaxing Wear * Built to last Solid design, aim to be your funny partners! * Effect: The equivalent of five meters away to see 320-inch screen Compatible Models Fits for iPhone, Android phones and Windows phones series within a screen size of 4.0-5.9inches Note: -Pupil Distance (PD) and Focal Distance (FD) Button need be rotated with Moderate force. -Videos in 3D styles is required to the best effect. -If you need to wear your Myopia glasses, you need to first put your Myopia glass in the headset first and wear the whole sets on head when everything is ready! -If there's any puzzle in operation, please contact us via FAQ & Buyer Message at the first time, we will be active!


  • ☞ Shocking 3D Immersive Experience,More Comfortable and Stable Knobs
  • ☞ Innovative Design Comfortable Wearable- Adjustable straps for flexible wear,reasonable Lighter Bare Weight of 280g
  • ☞ Kindly Notice: Compatibel for smartphones available for iOS, Android & PC phones Series within 4.0-5.9 inches
  • ☞ Top Wheel for Sight Distance Adjustment,Left & Right botton for (PD) Pupil Distance and (FD) Focal Distance adjustment at a range of 55mm - 75mm
  • ☞ Myopia glasses directly wearable- Magnet-Adsorbed easy removing front cover, enable you to charge and use earphone,headphone available


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