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Hot Pink El Prado Backpack and Messenger Bag for Microsoft Surface Book 13.5 & Surface Pro 4 14 inch Laptops

El Prado Backpack and Messenger Bag for Microsoft Surface Pro 6, Surface Go, Surface Book, Surface Laptop, Laptops and Tablets up to 13.5 inches (Magenta)
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The El Prado 3-in-1 carrier provides a versatile design made to adapt to your ever changing lifestyle. The exterior is veiled in a tightly woven water and weather resistant nylon for added durability. The El Prado features 2 dedicated zippered compartments which offer a dedicated pocket for your laptop equipped with strapping for keeping your device in place and secure. Also featured here is generous storage space while the other zippered compartment offers dedicated device compartments for your cell phone and/or tablet as well as various pen slots for keeping writing utensils organized and composed. This bag features a 3-in-1 carry design offering you a briefcase tote, backpack, and shoulder bag all in 1. All of these features come together in a slim tactical body with endless possibilities Designed to fit and protect devices such as: Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Microsoft Surface Go Microsoft Surface Book Microsoft Surface Laptop Laptops and Tablets up to 13.5"x10.5"


  • VanGoddy El Prado Collection, 3 in 1 Tablet Case; durable, fashionable and functional. Safely carry and transport your laptop or tablet in 1 of 3 ways. Carry your device and other belongings in the backpack style to free up your hands. Use the messenger bag style to carry your belongings safely by your side or remove the strap and carry the briefcase in a traditional way. 3 different styles with just 1 bag to minimalistically fulfill your needs.
  • Shock absorbent interior and water-resistant nylon exterior protects your device and belongings from damage. Accidents happen often but with this bag, your device will be protected from drops and bumps. A surprise rainstorm or spilled drink is no match for the El Prado.
  • Multiple accessory pockets enables you to carry a wide range of devices and accessories. Along with your laptop or tablet, carry books, notebooks, folders, documents, or anything else you need at work or on campus.
  • Extra zipper on the front of the bag to store and easily access even more of your belongings. Perfect for your phone, wallet, keys, pens, chargers, headphones, and any other small yet important possessions.
  • Compatible with: Microsoft Surface Pro 6 | Microsoft Surface Go | Microsoft Surface Book | Microsoft Surface Laptop | Interior Dimensions: 13.5"x10.5" | Exterior Dimensions: 15.6"x12"


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