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Homido Mini, Mini Virtual Reality Glasses for Smartphone

Homido Mini Virtual Reality Glasses for Smartphone Foldable VR Headset Compliant with iPhone & Android Cell Phone Vr Games and 3D Movies
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Homido « mini » VR glasses for smartphones allows you to discover virtually reality ! Very easy to use, « mini » makes virtual reality accesible to the greatest number of people. Clip the glasses on your smartphone and launch a VR app to dive into a virtual world in just a few seconds. VIRTUAL REALITY IN 4 EASY STEPS 1. DOWNLOAD THE "HOMIDO CENTER" APP 2. INSTALL A VR APP FROM "HOMIDO CENTER" 3. CLIP HOMIDO « mini » ON YOUR SMARTPHONE 4. EXPLORE VR AND 360° CONTENT IN FULL IMMERSION Download from: Google play / App store Right at the palm of your hand and fitting in your pocket, Homido « mini » brings Virtual Reality available to everyone It's THE Smartphone Accessory to always have on the go!


  • Turn any 4-6" iPhone/Android smartphone into a virtual reality headset
  • Enjoy immersive 360 videos, VR games, 3D movies and much more!
  • Works with over 300 iOS & Android apps, download for free « Homido Center » your mobile VR portal app
  • Custom designed VR lenses, 100° FOV, minimal distortion and light reflection
  • Light, foldable, fits in the pocket!


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