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Google Cardboard Kit V2 by MINKANAK Bigger Lens 3D Virtual Reality Cardboard Glasses with Head Strap Nose Pad Forehead Pad and NFC Tag,Compatible with 3-6inch Screen Android and Apple Smartphone

Google Cardboard Kit V2 by MINKANAK Bigger Lens 3D Virtual Reality Cardboard Glasses with Head Strap Nose Pad Forehead Pad and NFC Tag,Compatible with 3-6inch Screen Android and Apple Smartphone
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NO.1 SALE GOOGLE CARDBOARD VERSION 2 ON AMAZON!In the past 9 month, we have sold tens of thousands of google cardboard version 2 products, thanks for all MINKANAK fans' support, thanks for still choosing our products when we are suffering mass of negative reviews attack from vicious competitors.Our products are not perfect, but are definitely the best ones on Amazon, and we are always being on the way to perfection!we are keeping improving our products every 2 weeks. If you are not satisfied with the product you received, tell us, we will refund to you fully right away and will send you free sample of our improved products of next generation to you for 100% satisfaction.MINKANAK Virtual Reality Viewer V2.0 Kit give you best quality, most complete accessories, and more immersive experiences! Do you love the latest technology and want to enjoy more engrossing cinematic experiences but never go to the 3D cinema because of the high price? Do you find though your Google Cardboard V1.0 gave you some fun but now is not suited to your new smartphone with bigger screen? Do you find your Google Cardboard V1.0 is not so comfortable after long time wearing due to limited view and lack of head strap? Now, MINKANAK Reality Viewer V2.0 Kit with several improvements will give you more comfortable and more immersive viewing experience. Package List 1*MINKANAK Virtual Reality Viewer V2.0(Google Cardboard V2.0) 1*Rubber Band for Fixing Phone 1*Black Soft Head Strap 1*NFC tag 1*MINKANAK Google Cardboard V2.0 Kit Manual 1*Nose Pad 1*Forehead Pad This MINKANAK Google Cardboard set is perfectly compatible with all the smart phones on market. If you have any question for our product, please contact us to get prompt reply.


  • MORE COMPATIBLE: suit to most smart phones with up to 6" screen; all function works on both iOS and Android devices. (compatibility mainly depends on if the VR app is created using Google Cardboard SDK.
  • BIGGER LENS BRING BETTER VIEWING EXPERIENCE: biconvex lenses of 37mm in diameter and focal length of 45mm bring you a wider view and let you get more immersive experience from your smartphone screen.
  • EASIER TO ENJOY:most part of the 3D glasses has been assembled well, the least parts can be assembled in less than 10 seconds; this kit also includes QR codes for fast access to various VR apps. So, just slide, flip, secure and enjoy.
  • MORE DURABLE AND MORE COMFORTABLE: unlike other cheaper Google Cardboard sets and printed card alternatives, the MINKANAK Cardboard Kit is well designed and machine printed for super precise, tough construction and robust use; this kit includes NFC tag, velcro strips, nose pad, forehead pad, well printed instruction and a rubber band, all of which will help you fast reach your favorite video and enjoy it with your most comfortable position, lying maybe.
  • 100% SATISFACTION AND 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: our products are not perfect, but our products are definitely the best one on Amazon. We sell the most on Amazon and we are keeping improving our products every 2 weeks.If you are not satisfied with the product you received, tell us, we will refund to you fully right away and will send you free sample of our improved products of next genaration to you for 100% satisfaction.


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