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FeiFan 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset with Bluetooth Remote Google Version 3D VR Glasses with Adjustable Strap for 3.5 to 5.7″ inch IOS Android Smartphone color black

FeiFan 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset with Bluetooth Remote Google Version 3D VR Glasses with Adjustable Strap for 3.5 to 5.7" inch IOS Android Smartphone color black


Welcome to the fantastic world of Virtual Reality !FEIFAN VR GlassesMobile Virtual Reality is right here in FEIFAN ! This is the EASY and Closed to lift devices to help u to experience the Fantastic Virtual Realtiy world. But you need to down load some VR Apps in google play or App stores in your smart phone. This device help u to watch the VR movies and also play with VR games.( Some games need the Bluetooth Remote Control,Some games need not.)Watch video first: welcome to contact us for help if you have problems using the Bluetooth Remote .FD & PD AdjustmentThe Focal Distance Adjustment and pupil Distance adjustment make it a universal glasses for its users. Adjust. your suitable focal distance by rolling the gear at a range of 55mm - 75mm, and adjust the pupil distance by rotate the button so as to get a stretch lenses Wide CompatibilityComfortably fits iPhones, Android phones, Windows phones with a screen size within 4.0 - 5.7 inches Please Note1. Do not watch movies or play games with the 3D glasses for a long time. If your eyes feel tired, please have a rest.2. In order to get a better visual enjoyment and field experience.It's better use a mobile phone with 1080P screen resolution or above and HD movie or game.3.Pupil Distance (PD) and Focal Distance (FD) Button need be rotated with Moderate force! 4.Videos in 3D styles is required to the best effect{download an app(which has 3D contents) in Apple app store or Google play store}5.If you need to wear your Myopia glasses, you need to first put your Myopia glass in the headset first and wear the whole sets on head when everything is ready! (But unfortunate. This may let u feel uncomfortable if u put in your Myopia glasses.)


  • AMAZING REVOLUTIONARY TECH, turn your smartphone into a virtual reality viewer. You can experience the immersive, fun and exciting world of VR. Fly through the Grand Canyon, play 3D games, travel the city streets of Paris or become a character in an animated film.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ANDROID AND IPHONE with 4.0-5.7 inch screen, and works with over 300+ iOS/Android virtual reality apps on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Search VR games/3D split screen or some other related keyword on Google Play or APP store to enjoy shocking 3D effect.
  • ADJUSTABLE FOCAL DISTANCE AND PUPIL DISTANCE,which could satisfying different groups of people, Myopia less than 400 degree is ok to use this item without wearing glasses.
  • PRACTICAL DESIGNS, adjustable phone mount can hold your phone in place to keep away scratching; and removable cover works for heat emission ;magnet switch makes it more easy operate on/off; Flexible Frame of Lenses makes it more easy to clean; and flexible and adjustable headband is suitable for different people. NO MAGNET BUTTON AVAILABLE with the headset.
  • SUPER HIGH QUALITY LENSES, Lenses are the most important part of this product. HD optical resin lenses, 8-layer nano-coating, 5 times polishing. Reducing deformity and glare, effectively preventing visual fatigue, restore 3D reality under the broad vision, reproduction lossless virtual reality world.