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3ACTIVE VR® Premium Virtual Reality Headset and Storage Case

3ACTIVE VR Premium Virtual Reality Headset and Storage Case


3ACTIVE VR® Virtual Reality Headset Experience IMMERSIVE 3D Viewing in 360° Compatible with iOS®, and Android® Smartphones with 3.5 - 6.0" screens. Includes ONE Premium 3ACTIVE VR® Headset and Protective Storage Case. Transform your late model iOS®, and Android® Smartphone into an amazing portable virtual reality device with 3ACTIVE VR® Affordable, premium 3ACTIVE VR® headsets are the only viewing accessory you'll need for your Smartphone - instantly access immersive gaming, movies and VR apps. 3ACTIVE VR® Headsets support a growing catalog of virtual reality content for Smartphones now available on GooglePlay® and the App Store.


  • 3ACTIVE VR® Premium Virtual Reality Headset. Includes Storage Case
  • Fits 3.5 to 6 inch Smartphones
  • Light and Comfortable for Extended Viewing
  • Works with iOS and Android Smartphones
  • VR Apps available from Apple, Google Play and Android App Stores


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